At the beginning of 2016, TUgende started up together with KYDA a program of afternoon activities that involves the KCCP boys in recreational activities. The activities had been chosen among others for being able to to satisfy their attitudes. In fact the aim of the program is to give skills to the boys and lead them on a path of reintegration into the community.

Gardening and vegetable garden. Followed by the teacher Kitiba, the boys learn how to take care of the vegetable garden through its daily maintenance and irrigation.
The vegetables, once collected, are integrated into the diet of the boys.
During the rainy season, when the harvest is abundant, the boys sell the overabundance of vegetables at the local market stalls and then decide together how to invest the small profit.
Breakdance and HipHop. Sammie and Jora are the dance teachers of the boys and they are part of the Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU), a local organization that uses hip hop and breakdance as a tool to promote social responsibility among children. Dancing becomes a moment of relief for the guys who manage to overcome shyness and to have fun with the music.
Cineforum. Every week a film or cartoon is chosen to watch together.
At the end of the screening a dialogue is set up to leave room to the children to share their impressions.
Football. The game of football unites the boys and helps them to develop a sense of collaboration and team spirit. At the end of each quarter, the team tests itself by participating in tournaments organized by schools and associations of Kawempe.