In September 2016 it was decided to cope with the housing emergency by renovating some divested classrooms near the association’s headquarters.
TUgende, with the funds raised for the construction of the MyMangoHome, refurbished the entire block consisting of four classrooms, setting up spaces for: a dormitory room accomodating twenty boys, a classroom for support activities and a housing unit for the social worker of the children.
The renovation works had been entrusted to local carpenters who implemented the works over a period of two months.
The association, once equipped with a safe place to accommodate the children during the night, is finally able to give them the opportunity to get out of the vicious circle of street life.
Thanks to the collaboration with MatatArt, a local association that promotes the art inside the slums of Kampala, the boys are had been then involved in a visual art workshop lasted two weeks during which they painted their classrooms.
Thanks to the process that saw them involved in the first person painting their home the classrooms acquired a new meaning for the boys and a strong identity